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Staying Healthy On A Busy Schedule

Start By Taking Care of  You, Getting Organized and  Quick Easy Recipes

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I specialize in helping you stay healthy on a busy schedule  when you have limited time and resources.


Our Story

How it All Started

Sparkle Memoriez was established in 2015 as DIY product company then was redirected to Life Coaching.
Connecting with our customers became more of a session, rather than a simple transaction.

Now fast fowarding to 2019-
we are now ... all about self care, cooking, creating awareness.


Why Us!

Life Coach

Sparkle Memoriez a platform that features meal prep, cooking and easy simple recipes.
We are here to assist others with their journey to a better understanding of one's self, explore life and everything it has to offer. Topics include self care- taken on an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness.  An outline guide to illustrate organization and  

shopping tips to assist in everyday life.



Active adults
that are ready to learn to create a work and life balance while staying healthy.



Take Advantage of Quizzes On Self Awareness Topics,Self Care Tips, Healthy Habits and  Inspiration Quotes



Take advantage of recipes not found on website and social media



1  E-book ,Coupons, Exclusive Offers, Discuss 1 Topic of Your Choice Once  A Week for 1 month.