The Birth of A New Beginning



     I am Coach Seetaram.

If there is one thing, I have learned at the age 18, it’s to never take ,my health for granted.

My health means being able to have menstrual cycle without become an emergency scare.

Each month meant that I would try to survive another unpredict cycle with severe bleeding

and horrible cramps. For me, my biggest fear was I was going to die because I had hemorrhage during the night and not survived.


Will I be able to hold or even have a job? Will I need health insurance or casket because I could not fix this my problem? I suffered in silence for years until I had found my dream job.

There I was, during that time. I was working my dream job(a place I wanted to from time

I was a child).

I was promoted, received a pay increase, given additional responsibility.

I had to open a bank.

Me, opening a bank, could you imagine!

Then, is when my health started to get really bad because I stopped paying attention.


When I finally stop rescheduling my gyn visit.

I learn, what was happening, the abnormal growths were invading my entire uterus.

Then came …more and more days away from my job.

Then I was told that missed too many days and used up all my sick days up.

I was given a verbal warning.

As you may have guessed I continue to see a decline in my health.

I was given a bonus, exit package, and a refund on every program (stocks, bonds etc.) that

I was a  part of.

I was now unemployed.

Then went home and I rebranded my website-Sparkle Memoriez, started a YouTube channel.

My audience retention and subscribers increased.

My why-I needed to get serious about  building a healthy relationship with food and myself.


After a few months now, my health became a lifestyle choice and not just a habit.

As for my income, it is still …a work in progress.

My health has improved, and I know it’s because I started to pay attention.

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